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Christmas Dinner

As my niece Colleen was coming up with her little family,(including their very small dog Pebbles) I knew I would have to work hard to come close to filling her mom’s shoes (my sister Lisa is the queen of good dinners).

I worked feverishly all day Monday, phoning Lisa when I needed a recipe and drafting all three of my boys to help get my room ready to feed twelve people. (okay, eleven and a baby)

Henry kept coming up with ideas which I had to shoot down as I wanted things to be both pretty and functional.

We all enjoyed our meal and then gathered in the living room for dessert and a little entertainment.

Verrry carefully!

It was a lovely evening.

We opened the gifts Colleen and Seb had brought for us.

The girls got the longest scarves I have ever seen, the boys some really snazzy ties, Henry a nice thick fantasy book and I. . .

Well, can you guess what I got?

That’s right people, a delicious box of turtles, just for me.


They were gone by the next evening.

And no, I didn’t share. . .

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