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Christmas Dinner

I had Christmas dinner at my house this year.

As my niece Colleen was coming up with her little family,(including their very small dog Pebbles) I knew I would have to work hard to come close to filling her mom’s shoes (my sister Lisa is the queen of good dinners).

I worked feverishly all day Monday, phoning Lisa when I needed a recipe and drafting all three of my boys to help get my room ready to feed twelve people. (okay, eleven and a baby)

Henry kept coming up with ideas which I had to shoot down as I wanted things to be both pretty and functional.

Jesse came up with a good layout. It involved taking out almost all of the furniture, dismantling the computer and sweeping up the many clumps of dog hair hidden both under and behind much of the furniture.(Thankfully we were the only ones to see just how much hair there was!)

Since we also invited our neighbours Kelly and Teresa (parents of Jada’s best friend Diesel) I was able to justify having lots of variety in my food. (I love variety!)

We all enjoyed our meal and then gathered in the living room for dessert and a little entertainment.

Have you ever wondered how a big dog plays with a small dog?

Verrry carefully!

It was a lovely evening.

Holly got the chance to hold Colton, Colleen took the opportunity to show him off a bit and. . .

We opened the gifts Colleen and Seb had brought for us.

The girls got the longest scarves I have ever seen, the boys some really snazzy ties, Henry a nice thick fantasy book and I. . .

Well, can you guess what I got?

That’s right people, a delicious box of turtles, just for me.


They were gone by the next evening.

And no, I didn’t share. . .

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