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While visiting my sister Tamara’s blog just now I noticed that it has been six days since I have posted anything! I still don’t have a computer and although Morgan has been very good about allowing me to use his laptop I still have an issue with my pictures. All my pictures on on my computer. Unbacked up. . . And yes I know how foolish that is. I’ve been telling myself for three months that I need to come up with a PLAN. I bought a stack of DVDs from Costco for cheap which was to be the solution, but, somehow. . . Morgan couldn’t get them to work. My new PLAN was to get a flash drive. However, I have a lot of pictures. Which means I need a more expensive model. I just couldn’t bring myself to buy it. Now I’ll have to pay $80 or more to have the files retrieved. Assuming they can be retrieved. I took a lot of pictures over the summer I had intended to use for blogging in the depths of winter. My camera’s memory card is full and I don’t dare delete any in case they can’t get my files back. I could buy a new memory card, but that costs money. . . Notice a trend? I hope to bring the computer in tomorrow and then. . . We’ll see. I might have to spend some money.

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