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Confessions Of A Speed Demon

So I got this phone call last night. . . . “Do you know where you were on January 26 at 1:17pm?” “Ummm. . . . No. Why?” “Well one of us got a speeding ticket in a construction zone that day and you know how expensive those are! Since three of us were doing a field trip miles away from the incident, it looks like it’s either you or the other driver.” “What would I be doing there at that time of the day?? Oh. . . wait. . . that was the day we has those terrible icy roads and I had to do that field trip downtown that caused me so much trouble. . .” “But Rosa, you never speed. We all joke about how pokey you drive. It’s can’t have be you!” Flash forward to this morning when our head bus driver came to me with the copy of the ticket. It had a picture of the back of the offending bus. . . It was me all right. No one else has a bus like this. Sigh. “Hello, my name is Rosa and I drove waaaay to fast through a construction zone.” It looks like I won’t be buying a new dress for Steph’s wedding after all. . .

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