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Day One Of Blogwest

I came home with a fistful of cards.

And promptly spent the next few hours on the computer checking out new blogs. . .

Wow! There are some amazing writers out there and sometimes it takes events like this to get you outside of your comfort zone, to be willing to try something new. To learn something new.

I read a variety of blogs, all of which I would not have discovered any other way. After all, when you find a blog you like, you check out their blogroll and find more blogs you like, check out their blogroll and find more blogs you like and– while they are all fabulous blogs– they tend to be of the same tribe. Inside your comfort zone.

I read one blog in particular that really spoke to the voracious reader in me. The reader who in days gone by read everything she could get her hands on. Who went out of her way to read things that were provocative ( as in, thought provoking), quirky or just plain odd. This blog was so very well written it made me realize just how much work I had to do in that regard. To be honest, it made me hesitate before blogging tonight.

Because people. . . I can not write like that! But, she expresses her self much differently than I do. Some of those ways are outside my comfort zone. It has never been clearer to me that I am a middle aged, conservative woman. Who needs a little shaking up. Who’s experiences have perhaps become a little too predictable. It’s time to expand my horizons again.

I read a beautiful design blog, checked out an inspiring site for writers and a lovely blog by a young mom who also had cancer last year.

I came to the conference to learn new things. So far so good. I can hardly wait until tomorrow.

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