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Drumroll please. . .

Well, as promised, I am posting pictures of my bathroom so far.

The shower curtain is not staying. I have a great white one, along with some interesting shower curtain hooks that will go up once the bathroom is ‘fixed’.

I don’t like the huge difference in height between the medicine cabinet and the over the toilet space saver, so we’ll have to do something about that.

As you can see I have another problem. The mirror is too high for me, but the cabinet itself comes down quite low and sticks out just a little too far, making it difficult for Henry (and the kids) to lean over the sink to wash their face.

Here is some thing I do like though (aside from my tile ,which I love!)

My bath fixtures look awesome and. . . the shower now has great water pressure! Whoohoo!

My contractor is back at work on a previous job and probably won’t get back to us until late next week so I won’t be doing anything more with it right now.

You’ll be the first to know when it’s finally finished though!

Now, it’s time to get back to my next project.

I’m sorting, purging, and cleaning up my basement. Thankfully that only means the hallways, (my storage area at the moment!) hall closet and the cold room that’s under the stairs. I’ve already been out and purchased some storage cupboards to help me in this task.

Time to haul them out of the truck and put them together.

*upate My contractor just called. He’s got time to come by tommorow and may even be able to change things! Whoo hoo hoo hoo!!!

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