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Facebook Fridays. (A weekly roundup)

Updated: May 15, 2020

Often life is so busy that I don’t get time to write full blog posts but I do post smaller blurbs on Facebook and Instagram. Since one of the reason’s I started blogging in the first place was to have an online journal of family life I’ve decided to have Facebook Friday’s here on the blog. It will be a place to gather my weekly social media posts altogether and make them easier to look back on. Some weeks you my even get the ‘Directors Cut/Extended Version of those posts! 🙂

Have a lovely weekend.

May 27:

What I found when I came home from a quick grocery run…. THAT will teach me to start cleaning up after myself! 😳😝 (what you can’t see is the flour paste coat all over her legs and the thick layer of gluey flour on her tongue… She can’t stop licking.

May 27:

I had such a wonderful afternoon yesterday. Amanda brought her sweet little girl over and gave me the chance to practice my grandma skills. Of course, I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures as well . . . 😉 Blog post with the rest of the photos next week.

May 29:

Oh my, this will melt your heart!

May 30:

I’m not so sure she believed me when I said “Just ONE more picture” . . . ;D

May 30

I love, love peonies in floral arrangements and each year my peonies get larger and I have more and more flower buds. I saw Barb’s post last year and thought it was worth a try. I was still taking peonies out of my fridge in September! The flowers themselves don’t get near as large as they do on the bush but they are still lovely. I’ve got one crisper emptied out so I can fill it up with my peony buds again this year.

May 31:

I’m starting to find places to display some of the goodies Stephanie from LifeCreated gave me from her new Etsy shop, even this tiny business card. How sweet is this?

June 1:

Bread’s on the go…. Meatball soup and homemade buns for supper today! 😋 #baking #bread #nomnomnom #yeg #blessingsabound

June 1: My search for the perfect cinnamon bun recipe is up on the blog today. ** Warning this post may cause drooling . . . ;D

June 1:

A lovely lady in the drive through line at Tim Hortons bought my hot chocolate for me! ‪#‎peoplecanbeawesome‬ ‪#‎yeg‬ ‪#‎nomnomnom‬ ‪#‎simplethings‬

June 2: I’m taking a new class this week on how to use Composite photography to create fantasy worlds! So much fun! 😀 😀

Link to Karen Alsop’s CreativeLive class. (Which was awesome by the way!)

June 3:

Early morning in the back garden. It’s an allium extravaganza.

June 4:

The peonies are starting to bloom! I’m so excited. I’ve got a big project planned with them. Fingers crossed that they burst into full bloom this week…

And that was my week on Facebook. 😀 I hope you all had a fabulous week!

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