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Fall Days

I’ve settled into the pleasant busyness of fall this week.

We’ve begun planning the winter bazaar for my kid’s school. My cousin and I are organizing it and it’s always great fun.

Jesse and my mom are going to be putting together the kids games area. Jesse was confidant that he could do it on his own including recruiting enough volunteers to keep it running throughout the evening but I reminded him that there would be some driving involved to pick up supplies and what have you ,so he conceded that a little help from Oma (Grandma) might not be a bad idea.

Morgan, our resident video gamer will be holding a wii tournament which should be fun and the girls will be helping out here and there as well.

I’ve also got a BIG garden project which is almost done and I will hopefully be showing it to you soon. It opens up many possibilities and I am thrilled at the prospect of learning something new about gardening!

Who knows. . .

I may even start posting actual gardening posts again!

Now I’m off, I’ve got a few dishes to do before I head back to school to bring the kids back home.

The flowers shown in the picture above are no longer blooming I’m afraid as we had a few too many frosts. A prairie fall quickly goes from golds and browns to mostly browns. But don’t worry, before we know it the brown is covered with snow and we all settle in for a long winter.

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