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Fall Harvest and a Hiatus

As a few of you may have realized, I’ve been on a hiatus for the last month or so.

My cousin Chandra wondered if my sister Tamara and I were hiding out together.

I wish that had been the case, as then I could have been eating around the world with her!

Unfortunately, the real reason is a lot less glamorous.

For the last few months my hormones have decided to dance the hokey pokey pretty much non stop.

This has left me anxious, tired, and out of sorts.

Not exactly the best frame of mind for blogging!

But Fall has arrived and, sadly, is scheduled to leave again tomorrow afternoon, as a huge windstorm bringing cold temperatures and the likelihood of snow, is set to blow in, which had me scrambling to get some harvesting done in the garden today.

Luckily for me Jesse slept in and missed the bus so I was able to put him to work.

He spent quite some time chopping up all my sunflowers so I would be able to compost them.

A few of them even survived the frost!

I harvested potatoes, which was pretty exciting, although they do have a bit of scab which was disappointing.

I had planted two mini pumpkin vines in the front garden and as you can see they went a little crazy.

Frost hit them a few times in the last few nights so it was time to pull them out.

All those leaves and this is my harvest. . .

Hmmmm. . .

Maybe not the best use of a small space!

I’ll have to try something else next year.

Happy fall everyone.

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