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First day in China

Good morning!

It’s Tuesday morning, Tamara’s in the shower and I thought I’d take a minute to write a quick post.

Tamara and I in front of the Trade show building. For someone who doesn’t shop I thought I did rather well. My feet, in their new shoes. . . not so well!

The bathroom facilities came as a rather rude shock to my sister! Don’t worry Tam, just pretend your in the woods. Thankfully there were few regular toilets!


Our host Daisy, explained that with so many people in the city it would be impossible to keep the toilets clean.

After a long day checking out what’s new in garden decor our Hosts Daisy and Eric brought us to this restaurant for a food adventure

All the seafood here is fresh and you choose what you would like to eat for dinner.

The fish is cleaned and prepared in huge kitchens that are open to view.

Some of the more interesting offerings were crocodile and. . .

Sashimi! This came from Canada. Did any of you know that this is what sashimi looked like?

We also had pigeon.

Can you believe I was this adventurous?!

We are going on a river tour.

A beautiful evening on the Pearl river.

Back at the hotel we kicked off our shoes ( I may never get mine back on!) and crawled into bed.

Tomorrow’s going to be another busy day.

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