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Flower update.

I thought I’d show you how my plants have been doing.

This is what was left of my tulips towards the end. There is nothing left of them now. The bulbs ended up in the garbage and the pots have been saved for another day. It was great while it lasted though!

Still nothing to see on the poor cuttings that had their roots ripped off while I tried to plant them.

There is something to see however on the cuttings I did get planted. Whoo hoo!

Then there is the cute little house plant. It is orange! As all my friends know I do not like orange! I still don’t know how I came to bring this home… It stopped flowering when I had it in the living room but once I put it under my fluorescent lights it started all over again. They are pretty aren’t they? Even if they are orange.

Now lets see how the amaryllis has been doing….

Wow! That’s quite a sight!

What’s this?… This is the bulb my dad gave to me a few years back. It has bloomed for me every year but I didn’t think it would do it again.

Guess I was wrong.

Don’t you love surprises?

Gardening is full of them.

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