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For My Sisters

In January I received a utility bill that nearly gave me a heart attack it was so large.

Granted we had had a very long cold spell, but we had also just put in a new furnace. As I began to talk to other people I discovered that I was not alone. I started looking up old bills trying to figure out what could have caused this. I mean I knew the cost of utilities had risen but this was ridiculous!

I started looking for ways to reduce our consumption .

The furnace was turned down.

No one was allowed to let the water just run anymore.

I suggested we might all start taking navy showers. (Turn the shower on, get wet, turn the shower off, soap and shampoo, turn the water on, rinse, turn the water off)

That did not go over well at all! I was already getting many complaints about the heat.

I considered turning off the fridge ( GreenPa assures me it’s possible.)

All in all I went overboard. ( which will come as no surprise to those who know me. . .)

After Henry calmed me down I decided to take a more moderate approach.

On of the first steps was to relearn how to ride a bike as it would only be a 10 minute ride to work, which would allow me to leave the truck at home.

The only problem I had was the fact that I hadn’t been on a bike in over 30 years!

I didn’t want to buy a bike without knowing if I would actually be able to ride one.

Jesse suggested trying out the bike he had used as a kid. Below you will find a small video of my first ride.

Why did I title this post For My Sisters?

Well I thought they might both enjoy a good chuckle.

Tamara, Lisa, if you want another laugh you can check out this last video. Jesse’s not the steadiest cameraman, but he sure had fun doing it!

Stay tuned for details on the bike I finally bought. Jesse says it’s totally me. . .

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