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Gardening. . . On Pintrest

My sister-in-law Andrea left a message on Facebook for me this morning, asking if I was on Pinterest as there were so many great gardening ideas there.

Now I found Pinterest back when it first started up. It was pretty cool, all kinds of beautiful pictures of food, crafts, weddings, floral arrangements, clothes, diy. . .

It was great!

If you have never been on Pinterest, it’s a virtual bulletin board. You can look at the main board, specialty boards or even create your own boards.

Back in the beginning though, the page could take a while to load new additions and as you got closer to the bottom of the page it would freeze which was rather frustrating. I have been on a bit since then and the site seems to work very well now, although I spend very little time there.

What I didn’t realize however, was that there were boards just for gardening !

Or that I could make my own!

Well now. . . that was something to to check out. . .

I will also add the warning that should be at the top of every Pinterest board. . .

Warning: Pinning can become addictive! * update. Yes indeed, Pinterest can be addictive . . . I spend a whole lot more time there these days. 😀

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