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Getting Ready for Company

Updated: May 14, 2020

Don’t you love the way this bee is doing his job? He’s got work to do and he does it! No halfhearted effort here . . . it’s all or nothing!

That’s how I need to do things today! My youngest sister is coming for a first ever visit this Thursday and I have a lot to do to get ready . . . Rooms to tidy, bathrooms to scrub, kitchens to dig out . . . (the kids had to break out the paper plates when they came over for dinner yesterday.)

There’s the baking and the fluffing of the guest bedroom (or in my case the studio turned into a guest bedroom) and I may even satisfy my craving for fresh flowers with a trip to the floral wholesaler.

Then there are adventures to plan. Sabrina’s never been to Edmonton so everything’s fresh and new for her. The Duchess is a must do of course, and the Mall, but I can’t quite decide where else to go, she isn’t a gardener like me . . .

All you Edmontonians . . . What are your favorite adventures in the city? Help me make a fabulous list!

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