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God Delights In Me

We had our Good Friday sermon this morning and Rev. Aasman talked about how we needed to meditate on the reason Jesus went to the cross. That so often we think a bit about our sins and then quickly move on to the joy of his Resurrection. To really know who Jesus is and what he did for us we need to understand that the road to the cross was littered with our sins and he picked up every last one of them and carried them to the cross that we might have everlasting life.

Then he talked about something that brought me to tears.

He told us that God sent his Son to save us because he delights in us.

Actually, what he said was that God delights in ME !

Somehow I had never thought of it like that.

I know God loves me of course, but I mean. . . let’s face it. I KNOW exactly who I am and how often I fail.

I start out each day praying that I will live that day in joyful service to Him and ten minutes later I’m cranking about the dirty dishes the kids left in the sink and the lousy weather outside!

Yet God delights in ME!

It brings me to tears. . .

(my apologies to Rev Aasman if I haven’t gotten it exactly the way he said it!)

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