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Guess what the UPS Man Brought. . .

I was stirring the spaghetti sauce for dinner last night and saw the UPS truck pull up in front of my neighbor’s house.

“Hmmm… I wonder if that’s for me?? No, of course not, the UPS man is always delivering things to the neighbors.”

Wait, what . . . hang on, he’s coming to MY house!

I ran to the front door, threw the bags full of recycle stuff out of the way and excitedly opened the door.

What could it be???

I didn’t order. . . oh wait! Yes I did! And it got here in a week??

Look what I got. . .

Ooooh . . all my newly made marketing materials . .

Business cards, product cards, postcards and a small banner!

I decided to use postcards rather than brochures. They are less expensive and up until now at least, I haven’t actually handed out that many brochures. People seem to like the postcards better

Look! They match my website and blog now!

My business card, the large product tag as well as two smaller product tags that I had printed on one card.

All I have to do now is cut 500 cards in half, punch holes in all my product tags and add some twine. Sounds like I need to put on a good movie and get to work! I am so thrilled with how my business site, blog and marketing materials have all come together.

A big thank you to Jana from Little Web Writing Hood for a beautiful job well done.

Thanks again Jana!

*And to all of you? Sorry for the lavish use of exclamation and question marks today. It’s been a long time coming ( I kept trying to do it all myself. Bad idea!) and I just couldn’t help myself!!!

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