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Handmade Camera Bag

Just before I left for B.C. I was seized with the urge to make something. I had a To Do list as long as my arm and not nearly enough time to do it, but . . . I wanted to make something!

During my big purge one of the things that ended up on the sell shelf was my sewing machine. I don’t sew particularly well or all that often so it made sense. If I had a project (I’ve got some hand stamped pillow covers to make for my next sale) Ev assured me I could use her machine.

I managed to get Ev and her daughter Laura to take some of my fabric stash and most of my notions, which became somewhat problematic when I decided I wanted to make a fabric insert for my leather back pack that would hold my camera.

After all, if you are going to carry a camera wherever you go you might as well look cool while you do it. No ordinary camera bag for me!

Thankfully the sewing machine was still on the self and I managed to find supplies and a reason to use the fabric I had bought on a whim, just because I thought it was so pretty.

Only, once I started putting the bag together, it occurred to me that I could turn it into a sweet little camera bag that could be used on it’s own.

I made things up as I went along. If you look closely you will see that one of the pockets is slightly off kilter. I didn’t care though, I thought it looked fabulous. Ev would be so proud.

So here’s what I ended up with:

There was a fair bit of hand sewing involved which, oddly, I enjoy.

The finished bag.

But here’s the thing.

I wore this bag while I was on holidays pretending to be a 20 something, artsy fartsy, bohemian.

Only. . . this bag made it hard to keep up the illusion. Somehow it’s just too darn cute. It made it hard to take myself seriously.

Because when I didn’t wear it I could totally believe I was a super cool, 20’s kind of girl . . . cough, cough. (ahem) Which means this sweet little bag is going to have to find a new owner. Because I no longer keep stuff I don’t use.

Perhaps someone who is actually artsy fartsy and bohemian or . . . maybe . . . just someone a whole lot younger than me in need of a cute camera bag.

Any suggestions???

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