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Happy Birthday

I woke up yesterday, jumped in the shower and had the sudden realization that it was my birthday!

The days had begun to blend together.

The previous day had been nonstop go,go, go, in the fabric market ( sorry Ev, but I have never seen so much ugly, cheap fabric in my life! Perhaps we were in a low end market?), to the extent that by lunch time I was feeling totally overwhelmed.(The unbelievable number of people everywhere didn’t help much either!)

While sitting down to lunch in a restaurant at the university,our host Daisy asked if I was alright and I almost burst into tears!

How embarrassing!

I tried to hold it together while we looked at the menu and tried to find something that didn’t contain heads or heavy spice.

Fried rice and Portuguese tarts were ordered and once my stomach was full ( the tarts were delicious, so I had two) I was feeling much better.

After a trip to the bathroom and finding the luxury of a western toilet I was back to my old self and ready to go. We explored to university grounds, did some personal shopping ( found a lovely suit and a cute bag) and headed back to the hotel for any early night.

After a good night’s sleep I woke up yesterday ready for a new day.

My birthday!

But that story is going to have to wait until I get home.

We are leaving tomorrow morning, so check in on Monday.

If I haven’t succumbed to jet lag I’ll continue the story!

Have a great weekend.

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