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Happy Birthday Mom!

It was mom’s birthday on Saturday and since she was working, we had a lovely birthday dinner for her on Sunday.

And lest you think I have any Martha pretensions. . . !!!

I spent a good part of Saturday in the garden after running errands in the morning and taking Jada and Diesel on an hour long walk.

We finished up around 7:30 and I figured after having a quick supper I’d jump up, clean the house, put together a lasagna and whip up a cheese cake.

At about 11:30 I woke up in my chair.

I decided to go straight to bed and do a quick tidy in the morning and make the lasagna and cheesecake in between church.

As we walked into church we were enveloped by a cloud of cologne.

I spent the morning service coughing. And coughing. And coughing.

By the time we got out I was exhausted.

I decided to make lunch before I got started.

When I woke up in my chair it was almost time for church.

I stayed home.

I had lunch.

By the time I woke up in my chair I had an hour before church was done.

Martha would have been horrified by the state of my house.

I was horrified by the state of my house!

I managed to tidy the living room but the lasagnas took quite a while to put together and my kitchen looked like a bomb went off.

Ding, Dong!

Mom was there!

Ack! It’s pretty hard to feel special when the home you are having dinner at looks like a pig sty!

The only solution I had was to tell mom not to look in the kitchen.

It did not occur to me that she though there was something extra special going on in there.


The only thing that saved me that night was the fact that Morgan had just picked up two Mr. Bean DVDs which kept mom laughing hysterically for hours.

And I do mean hours!

I used a new lasagna recipe and the top layer of noodles curled up and refused to bake (as Lisa pointed out there wasn’t enough sauce)

I cleaned the kitchen while everyone else laughed at Mr. Bean.

Someone ate the hard boiled eggs I was going to use in my spinach salad.

I no longer had time to make cheeses cake. . .

In the end everything turned out fine.

I took the top layer of noodles off the lasagna and added extra cheese, boiled more eggs, and for dessert I thawed some of the peach slices I froze this summer, thickened the juice with cornstarch and made peach crisp with ice cream.

It was all delicious.

We ate at eight o’clock. . .

Martha Stewart I am not.


I sure hope I can do better next year. . .

It’s going to be the big _0 (If I put in the actual number she would KILL me!)

Lisa ,Tamara and I bought her the beautiful flowers you see at the top of the post.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Made the Lord grant you many more. . .

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