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Happy Birthday Morgan!

June 30Th was Morgan’s 19Th birthday.

We had to have every one’s favorite DQ ice cream cake!

I had gone to pick it up, but that particular DQ did not have any ice cream cakes, so I sent Morgan and Jesse to another one, hoping that they would have a cake.

I told them to get the big one.

I forgot how big they are!

Morgan and Holly are thrilled that so much is left over as they are moving into their own apartment today and I promised they could take a big chunk with them.( It’s not likely they will be able to afford ice cream cake any time soon!)

We had a BBQ for dinner that night and of course Jesse was happy to help with the cooking. (Although not the dishes as you can see.)

We also enjoyed the first corn of the season. (From the store of course, as Jurrina’s corn is no more than a blade of grass at the moment.)

Morgan wanted the grandparents too be there and they enjoyed a few rousing games of crib with Henry once the ice cream cake was finished.

Another birthday gone by.

God bless you Morgan, in the years ahead.

We love you.

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