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Happy Valentines Day!

I decided I wanted to do something fun for Valentines day and make my own card for all of you.

A little digital art if you will.

Henry’s not huge on the whole Valentine’s thing. He always says everyday is Valentines day . . .

It certainly lets him off the hook romantically speaking doesn’t it?? Any hoo . . . I decided that if Valentines day was all about love it, could just as well be about the love we have for friends and family as well.

Thus my card.

I started with this picture just because I think these pigs are so darn cute. I took it while Henry and I were on a romantic weekend away so it’s an appropriate one for the occasion. (don’t forget to click on each image to get it full sized.)

A lot of experimenting and playing around and a few hours later I came up with this:

Happy Valentines to all of you! I hope your day is a beautiful one.

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