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Have You Ever Wondered What 100 Looked Like?

Well wonder no more!

I give you our good friend Nicole and Henry on the night we went out to celebrate their 50Th birthdays!

Which of course make the both of them the face of 100!

We have been friends with Nicole and her husband Lorne since I was pregnant with Morgan and she was pregnant with her son Graham.

That was back in the day when we all lived in a housing co-op, a time filled with many fond memories.

Back then we went on annual camping trips with our kids along with several other families who lived in the co-op.

It always rained, I always froze to death and every morning I woke up with rocks digging into my backside as my air mattress had deflated overnight yet again!

Good times! (So good we’ve decided to go again this year, for old times sake. Although, since we are all a little older with creakier bones, we’ve decided to rent cabins instead of tenting!)

It’s been 21 years since we first met and I pray the Lord grants us many many more.

Happy birthday you two!

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