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Having Fun and a New Blog

Well, I’m having fun with my sister Tamara while she’s here.

We went out for a fabulous dinner last night at an amazing Italian restaurant where the guys ordered a five course meal.

Henry of course, told me later that while the food was excellent, there wasn’t enough of it.

That, after finishing my roasted red pepper soup, a small loaf of bread and one of Tamara’s crab cakes on top of his five courses!

I’d love to show you pictures but both Tamara and I forgot our cameras.

Today found us at a very nice hotel where Tamara and the Big Guy presented a seminar for Costco garden center employees along with their daughter and son-in-law.

Great fun was had by all, with a viewing of her training video ‘Wet’ which you can also see if you follow this link . . .

There were games which involved bingo cards and plastic fireman’s hats.

Tamara really knows how to get a crowd going!

I’d love to show you pictures but. . .

Tamara and I forgot our cameras.

Tamara, her daughter and I then headed over the West Edmonton Mall where we met my mom who took us out for lunch, which was greatly appreciated.

I’d love to show you a picture but. . .

Only Tamara had her camera this time!

We then spent a few hours of serious shopping for a maternity wardrobe.

No, no, not for me!

My sweet niece is expecting later this year, so we took the opportunity to search ‘The Largest Mall In The World’ for some pretty outfits.

I finally called it quits and headed home for a long nap. . .

My sister has amazing stamina! There is no way I can keep up with her.

And now for something different.

When I began this blog last year I had intended it to be about gardening only. As some of you may have noticed, that was not the case.

Renovations and the demise of my little portable greenhouse contributed to a less than stellar gardening season for me.

Well that has changed!

I have a new, larger, more permanent greenhouse and dreams of starting up a community garden in our neighbourhood.

My friend Ev and I have been talking about how we can go about getting food back into our urban area.

I would like to find away to plant fruit trees and bushes into the landscape that could then be harvested by anyone who wanted it.

When times get tough, if you live outside the city you often have the opportunity to grow your own food to help stretch the budget and feed your family healthy food.

The often close quarters of city living make this much more difficult and we hope to find a way to improve that.

So. . .

Without further ado, I give you my new gardening only blog, The Potting Shed, which can be found at

My good friend and organic veggie grower, Jurrina, has consented to write weekly posts on veggie gardening and preserving the harvest.

She has just written her first post so head on over and tell us what you think.

If there is any particular garden topic you would like covered just let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

For now. . .

I’ve just looked at the time and if I don’t wrap this up right now, my plan to get to bed early will have failed and I won’t be able to keep up with Tamara tommorow.

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