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Homemade Butter

So in the interests of trying something new with food I decided to make butter yesterday. Ev has done it a few times with her girls and liked the result. I had a small carton of whipped cream which I poured into a mason jar. I started shaking the jar. And shaking, shaking some more, resting and then shaking again. I was getting tired. All of a sudden something began to happen! I was thrilled! I had made whipped cream and butter was the next stage! Whoo Hoo! The only problem was, the whip cream wasn’t shaking around in the jar because it was too thick! For crying out loud! Both my elbows were sore. (I have no idea why. . .) I decided to give it up, so I made chocolate pudding to go with my whipped cream and we all enjoyed an unexpected dessert. I may have to do a little research on butter making. . .

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