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I Don’t Have Time For This!

Years ago. . . when I first took on running the Ladies Aid, I would get the flu every winter, usually just before our Christmas Bazaar. Of course I would exclaim in despairing tones “I don’t have time for this!” and soldier on, with the end result a flu that would hang on for months. (And it wasn’t only me. My friend and cohort Joyce threw up in a garbage can one year while setting up the bazaar. And soldiered on. . .)

Then I discovered the flu shot.

No more winter long bouts with the flu. It was such a blessing.

I haven’t missed a year since. Because I have asthma, all I have to do is go to the doctor and my shot is free.

Something you may not realize about the flu shot however, (and I conveniently ignored) is that you can still get the flu. It generally doesn’t last long but. . . you can still get it.

Or to be more accurate, it can get you!

I’m afraid I have been caught. Jesse has been quite sick with the flu and it’s been hanging on for a few weeks now. Yesterday I told Morgan (after he threw up) that I had the flu shot so I wasn’t going to get the flu.

So what do you think he said when he came home from work this afternoon and found me sick in bed?

Uh Huh. . .

“I thought you said you had the flu shot mom!” Such a sensitive boy. . .

The thing is, I still don’t have time for this!

Things are starting to get very busy as I plant more and more things, getting ready for my May Long Weekend Plant and Local Goods sale, assorted other sales, my first “Spring Fling” event, work on my new website, keep house (sort of) and learn how to use that spreadsheet my brother-in-law Rick made for me (one day soon. . .I hope!)

But I have learned a few things over the years and one is that soldiering on through the flu isn’t always a good thing. A few quiet days in bed or on the couch with lots of liquids and plenty of sleep is the best way to ensure your flu comes and then goes. . . Since I don’t have time to be sick for months on end, that’s where you’ll find me for the next few days. Well. . . maybe just tomorrow. . . morning. . . I really, really don’t have time for this! What do you do when you get sick?

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