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I had a lovely day . . . Jada . . . did not.

I had the loveliest day yesterday.

The sun was out after a week and a half of gloom, Jada and I went for a long walk and then Jada got a much needed, long overdue bath.

As I said. . .I had a lovely day. Jada’s however, went down hill the minute we entered the store for her bath.

Jada hates a bath and for the past few years I have been lucky enough to do it at the pet store down the road leaving them with dirty water and hair splattered from one end of the room to the other.

It’s fabulous people, absolutely fabulous. Well worth the $20 (includes access to the reverse vacuum that helps blow her dry. Which, considering her double coat, is essential.)

Jada was grumpy for the rest of the day.

Jesse came up, sat on the chair beside her, began petting her and asked “hey did you give her a bath?? She’s so soft!”

Jada grumbly growled.

Jesse laughed.

A while later Holly came up for a little dog love and asked her “Jada did you get a bath? You are so soft!”

Jada grumbly growled. She was not happy.

Holly giggled.

Jada spent the rest of the day sulking on my bed. On my white duvet. . . which was a little damp when I went to bed.

Poor Jada, I should have had my mom over to tell her what she always told me and my sisters on Saturday nights while putting put our hair into foam rollers in preparation for church the next day . . .

“If you want to look beautiful it has to hurt!”

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