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I Love My Kids. . . And I’m Proud Of Them

There were times during the teen years when I questioned what life would look like on the other side. Would Morgan and Jesse ever get along?! (Yes!)

They would do things that would annoy me. . . frustrate me. . . puzzle me. . . flabbergast me. . .!! Their hearts were broken and then my heart would be broken. There were many, many days I wondered just who these kids were? What had happened to my sweet elementary kids who had to listen to me? Because, if I said it was bed time, it was bedtime! Or if I said they couldn’t watch Power Rangers or Teen aged Mutant Ninja Turtles, they couldn’t watch Teen aged Mutant Ninja Turtles!

The teen years are all about change. About hormones. About slowly letting them go. And that can be scary.

This summer, Jesse, the youngest of my four, will be twenty and we will have left the teen years behind.

And do you know what?

It looks good here on the other side!

My kids may not be normal kids (and I can say that because they tell me I am not like normal moms. . .) But. . .

They each march to their own beat and do so with conviction, knowing that the Lord made each of them with their special talents and personalities for a reason.

I admire the way they have struggled with the difficulties in their lives and persevered. Become stronger for the effort but softer towards the struggles of others.

I love that Morgan has been bounding up the stairs on a Friday evening saying ” So what are ya doing tonight mom? Want to have a movie night?”

I love that Crystal appreciates the little things I do and never fails to thank me.

I love that Holly texts me and calls me momma and tells me she loves me.

I love that Jesse stills hugs me and likes to pick me up and whirl me around just because he gets such a kick of how little I am.

Are they perfect?

No. Neither am I.

We are all works in progress, hopefully, making the journey on the narrow road that leads to Glory. I love it when they do something unexpected. . .

Jesse made me stop at the flower shop down the street. (taking his cue from Holly, who used to stop at the same flower shop, bringing me home something pretty. . .)

I picked a small arrangement

Jesse didn’t think that was good enough. . .

This little bit of heather is on my desk just to the left of me as I type

I am so proud of my kids who, despite numerous mistakes on my part, have become lovely young men and women. Love you guys. . .

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