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I’m Going on a Trip!

I’m so excited!

I just booked a ticket to B.C. for the beginning of August. I was fooling around online, googled cheap flights from Edmonton and discovered a flight that was so cheap I couldn’t pass it up. Seriously. Round trip, taxes included for the price you usually pay for one way.

Now I’m going to get to hang out with my youngest sister Sabrina and snuggle her sweet baby Damian. . .

Escape with my sister Lisa for an adventure in the States and possibly a sleepover in a hotel somewhere (Lisa’s a travel agent) . . .

And run around doing a bunch of gardeney, designey, adventuring type things with Tamara. Plus, it’s her birthday while I’m there.

Whoo Hoo!

So I had better head into the garden and get some weeding done. Between the rain and the intense heat we’ve been having the weeds taking over everywhere.

Those same two issues have also kept me from make new concrete leaves as well. I’m hoping for better conditions next week.

Ugh. I just realized that I forgot to put the load of laundry in the dryer last night. Argghh. Let’s hope it hasn’t gotten that weird musty smell yet. I do not want to wash it over!

Time to stop visiting and start working.

It’ll be August before you know it!

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