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I’ve stopped hyperventilating . . . or . . .Making Progress

Some of you may have noticed that my blog’s been down.

You’ve been sent to a weird page that is definitely not A Life of Whimsey!

Just when I thought that the switch from one domain host to another was going smoothly . . . disaster!

And no idea on how to fix it!

I’ve got a call out to Jana but as you can imagine she’s a busy woman and I started panicking at the thought of all these people (all 3 of you ;D ) continuing to find this weird page every time you came to visit.

Morgan suggested that a good friend of his might know how to solve the problem and . . . we hope . . . it has been solved.

It will take 24 hours give or take before we know.

Fingers crossed.

Or. . . much more effective . . . prayers are going up.

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