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In the Garden

I had big plans for today’s post. An exciting opportunity recently came my way and I fully intended to blog about it.

After I did a little weeding . . .

Today is perfect gardening weather! (aside from the mosquitoes but I’ve just covered myself from head to toe to deal with that problem.)

It’s either been blisteringly hot or pouring rain for the last little while and aside from watering and the odd breakfast, I haven’t been in the garden at all.

Weeds have begun to out number my ornamental plants.

So today, instead of working at the computer the way I had planned. . .

I’m taking back the garden!!!

Tune in tomorrow for the post I had planned for today.

Today is also your last chance to send me your ideas for garden classes.

Tomorrow I will be drawing for the little gift I have as a thank you to everyone for their help with this.

Now I’m off to have a cup of tea while I wait out the little rain shower that popped up.

I’m sure it will be over in no time. . .

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