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It’s official…

Every Christmas my family buys me my favorite chocolates.

I loooove turtles!

You’d think a woman would want a certificate to a spa… perfume, jewelry, new clothes etc…

I would rather get compost, manure, mulch… anything garden related.Most of these things are unavailable at this time of year, so, I tell Henry not to buy me anything so I can spend the money on seeds and supplies in January.

He always says ” But I have to get you something! You have to have a present under the tree!”

So I reply, ” As long as I get a box of Turtles I’ll be happy!”

The thing is, I never buy Turtles for my self during the rest of the year. I just have them at Christmas time. That way they stay a real treat.

So here it is…. my last box of Turtles…

I’ve eaten a few already….

Let’s see how many are left….

One! Sob!

Oh well… This last one will sure taste good with my tea!

You are wondering, if this is my last box, how many did I get for Christmas?

Umm… Did I say it was my last box?

Out loud?

A few.

How many is a few?

Well… five… A girl’s got to keep the pounds on somehow!

But it’s official… Christmas is over for another year.

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