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It’s time to start seeding!

I made a visit to Rona a few weeks ago and what do you think I came home with?

Hmmm…. Could it be….

YES! New seeds! The sight of new seeds gets my heart racing, and my mind starts to race right along with it…

Now what did I find so early in the year? Check out this double morning glory… It’s too early to start this yet.

OOOH…. This is a new on to me, but is sure looks interesting. I had planned to put it in pots but when I investigated it further, I found that it does better in the ground. We’ll talk more about this one later. It’s also too early to start this one .

Now, let’s see… Ah… sapphire lobelia. Looking at pictures of my garden from a few years back , reminded me that this plant can really glow in the garden. Too early. Sigh..

Didn’t I get anything I can start now? Yeah! Here’s one… It’s a perennial , and the earlier I start it the bigger it will be when it is ready to plant. I have found that more plants survive this way. (You didn’t think that all of them make it through to next year did you? One day I’ll tell you what happened with all those primrose seeds I started. :))

Any thing else? Of course! Pansies! Pansies are one annual that can be put out early as they can take temperatures of -5C . This plant is one of my favorites. I used to love to colour as a child and I still vividly remember colouring a pansy picture. I added the face and centres in contrasting colour. I was so proud of that picture… A small hint of the passion for gardening that was to come?

Well that’s it for now. We will be talking more about seeding this week. I might have picked up a few (wink, wink) more seed packages when I visited Holes last week with my friend Nicole. Not too many more of course ….

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