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Jada’s friends

Jada always has to have a friend around. She can play with them, use them as a pillow or even lick them all over their heads and faces to use up that frustrated maternal energy. ( she had the operation even before she left the shelter at 3 months.)

Jada is a big dog. She prefers her friends to be big as well.

She also has colour prefrences. White, brown or black ( or combinations therof ). No unnatural greens, red, purples etc. (really!)

Here is her current friend…

Isn’t he cute? She also has strong opinions on what kind of friends she has. Floppy dogs, bears and bunnies are fine. Frogs, snakes and anyone who doesn’t flop need not apply.

Jada can be a bit hard on her friends…..

Sometimes we have to visit our local thrift store to see if any new friends have taken to hanging out there.

Umm… Mr. Bear… What are all those white pieces of foam….?

Don’t worry floppy bunny….. I’ll protect you!!!

Be afraid… be very afraid!!! Hehe!

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