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Last official day of Spring Break

Today is the last day of Spring Break. ( I don’t count Saturday, as I would have had it off anyway.)

There is a lot going on here as usual.

Holly and Crystal’s friend A is coming to visit for a week and they are pretty happy. Holly hasn’t seen him since she moved home from Manitoba.

As he will be staying in the spare room (Crystal’s old room) I’ve got a bit of tidying to do. Living in a little house means I’m always looking for places to store stuff and an empty bedroom, no matter how small, works well.

Until you need to use it.

I’m finishing up that garden design I’ve been working on and I may have a post about that one of these days.

Tomorrow is Henry’s mom’s birthday. I get to make a birthday cake which will be fun. I haven’t quite decided what I’m going to do with that, so I’ll be going on line to find some inspiration.

Jada needs a walk.

The backyard is in desperate need of poop scooping. I’m always amazed at the fact that poop can be layered in the snow. You think you’ve gotten it all, but, a little more melting. . .and there’s a lot more poop!

Well, look at that!

It looks like I’ve made a new list for today!

I am leaving you with a bit of a teaser:

Today is my 81st post. I have noticed that many bloggers have some type of give away, or contest, when they reach their 100Th post.

That may happen here. . .

Check out this new Etsy store my good friends Jurrina and Loretta have opened up.

Don’t forget to check out their profile page, where they tell you all about their product.

It may have something to do with a prize. . .

Stay tuned.

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