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Laying Around

Friday found me frantically cleaning the house in between bus runs as I just hate it when Saturday rolls around and I spend the day working my butt off while everyone else just hangs out. Just so I would have absolutely no reason to go out on Saturday I decided to do a big grocery shop after dinner on Friday night. Superstore had pumpkins on for $2.47 so I picked up five for our annual pumpkin carving night. Four of them went under the cart to leave room for the food. One of those pumpkins was quite obviously horrified rather than honored that he was about to be cut up and displayed on my front step and kept making a break for it. It got rather embarrassing when he rolled right up to the same store clerk three times in a row! The free item with $250 worth of groceries ( I nearly bought enough stuff to get me 2 free items!) was a mini DVD player. As ours has been broken for some time I was quite excited about this. Morgan (my tekkie geek) just shook his head and said ” It’s just going to be a piece of junk! I keep telling you you need to buy an xbox 3! You can store pictures, play music. . .” After I brought the groceries home and the boys unloaded and put them away, Morgan set up my new DVD player. It wouldn’t open! Unless you banged on it. . . For crying out loud! I had to pick Holly up from work so I left a little early and exchanged it for a new one. Man was Saturday ever going to be lovely. A nice long lazy day. I woke up Saturday seized with the desire to put my applesauce away and bring my computer room (Actually everything but computering goes on in this room these days!) back into order. Over the summer it has served as a holding place for canning equipment, a place to dry herbs or sew small projects and what have you. Putting the applesauce away required a total clean out and reorganization. At this point Jesse got involved as I complained that to store my extra empty jars I first had to clean out under the deck. A scary, (mice) very large job in a very tight space. I have to crawl on my hands and knees to get under there. Jesse said he would get the jars under there and I started working on the cold room. I wiped down the 68 jars of applesauce and trucked them downstairs. After going going to the grocery store, (I had forgotten something!!) I dropped Holly off at work, made a quick stop at the butcher and went home for a late lunch. Jesse spent four or five hours slithering around under the deck sweeping, vacuuming, sorting and organizing until the space under my deck was beautiful to behold! I figured I might as well tackle the computer room. At 3 o’clock Sunday morning I finally went to bed after ironing and hanging all four curtains. Henry just kept shaking his head and saying “I thought you were going to take it easy today. . .” Sometimes my husband is very baffled by me. . . So. am. I. This is what I saw when I looked out the window this morning. . .

I’ve spent the day just lying around. (After a morning bus run and a quick walk for Jada of course!) It’s still snowing. To my sister Tamara ,who after a long, unexpected business trip to Hong Kong is most likely wishing it was her who was lying around all day. . . I’m praying you get a nice lazy day soon! Actually I hope we all get a nice lazy day when we really need one. . .

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