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Learning how to make a Poster in Photoshop

Updated: May 15, 2020

I’ve always had a fascination with the visual arts. Graphic art in particular.

I’ve never even thought of graphic art as something I could do. After all, even my stick men are barely recognizable!

And yet . . . I love a beautifully designed poster, an eye-catching book cover and even a well presented flyer.

And so . . . being the curious,‘ I’ve got to at lest give it a try kind of woman‘, I decided to tackle some of the tutorials offered by Design Cuts to it’s clients.

People . . . if you are at all into design you’ve got to check them out! I love all the beautiful resources they offer at an unbelievable price! And no. . . I don’t get anything for saying that . . . I just love them. They are sweet and helpful and English, and they drink tea! I’m not sure how they could get any better. . .

I spent yesterday afternoon and evening working on this poster. There were many steps involved. I had to do a bit of googling when my knowledge was lacking but it was soooo satisfying when I was done!

I’m not going to be a graphic designer anytime soon and I’ve go an even larger respect for their skills now that I’m done.

That said, I enjoyed this so much I’m going to tackle another one next week. Learning new things is awesome!

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