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Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello everyone!

As some of you may have already guessed from prior posts and updates I’m Rosa’s new Assistant! (Assistant… Intern… Apprentice… whatever you want to call it really) Basically I’ll be their to help Rosa with all her projects, carry photography equipment, act as second shooter, brainstorm new ideas, and probably make sure she finds time to eat, all while learning the fine art of photography under her patient – and very fun – tutelage.

I’ll also be in charge of writing a blog post every week, so check back every Wednesday to see what I’m up to!

As excited as I am to be writing this post I have to admit that I wasn’t entirely sure what to say – this is my first blog post after all. After quite some time humming and hawing over what I was going to write, I figured I’d just tell you a little bit about myself. So here goes!

My name is Kim, I’m married to Rosa’s oldest son, Morgan, and we have a cat named Smarty and a fish named Pyramus. I love to cook, bake, make crafts, read, and -of course- take pictures. I strongly dislike spiders, Styrofoam, and doing the dishes. I like to play video games, go for walks, and listen to soundtracks of musicals and french opera. I also absolutely love to learn! I’m always eager to gain more knowledge.

I’m super excited for this opportunity to join Rosa on her quest to learn, grow, and – of course – have fun!

Thats it for me this week, but make sure to keep up to date with A Life of Whimsy, we have a schedule full of projects, DIYs, tasty recipes, and photography planned!

Until next Wednesday,


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