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Living in the Garden . . . a Birthday Tea

It was my sister-in-law Leona’s birthday a while back but I wasn’t able to attend her party so I decided to celebrate it in my garden instead.

It took several weeks before we found a time that worked for both of us, but it was worth the wait.

Happy Birthday Leona! Thanks for a lovely visit.

And should any photographer be reading the is post . . . (Chandra)

Please be kind! Once Leona and Ethan left and everything was put away, I went to download the pictures. Only to realize that I hadn’t changed the settings after I had taken a bunch of pictures in the house, in a dark room.

1600 ISO and a florescent light white balance setting! Arghhh!

I was never so thankful for Lightroom! The pictures are still rather grainy and maybe even a little bluer than I might have liked but . . . they are still pretty.

As I am working hard to let go of my perfectionist ways . . . I posted them anyways.

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