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Lunching With A Friend

I was very spoiled today as a dear friend took me to lunch at the Enjoy Center. The Enjoy Center is a new venture by the second generation of the Hole family in St Albert. Nicole and I have always loved shopping for plants at Hole’s greenhouses and now there’s a whole lot more going on than plants!

My theme for this month is Beauty in the Everyday, but, I have to tell you that eating lunch in a greenhouse overlooking the wetlands is something out of the everyday. . . But, since it was a part of my day I am going to post about it anyway. . . .!!

See that wine bottle? It’s not wine, that’s how they serve water!

How cool is it to be served ginger ale in a mason jar???

I just loved this tiny label on the flower jar and you can buy this little arrangement and bring it home with you!

Most of the food on my plate has been sourced locally. . .

Sugar in a vintage tea cup and the bill came on a saucer!

A view of the wetlands from our table

Lunch with a long time friend is a beautiful thing. . .

Unless you are our waiter. . .

We were so busy talking that he had to come back three times before we were ready to order.

We chatted for such a long time after we had finished lunch, he finally gave up on us ever leaving and we had to chase him down to pay the bill.

Thank you Nicole for a lovely afternoon.

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