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Morgan and Kim’s Engagement Session

A while back, Morgan asked if I would take some engagement pictures for he and Kim.

I was honored. After all, how often do you get the opportunity to do something that special for one of your own kids?!

Of course, I had never done engagement photos, so a little research was required. Did they have a location in mind?

Fort Edmonton?! Ooooh I love Fort Edmonton! I have a season’s pass! The possibilities for cute shots would be endless there!

I’ve done a few ‘location’ shoots now and for me the most important thing, aside from getting the good shots, has been that we have fun while we’re there.

I want to have the chance to play and laugh together. I don’t want people to feel awkward and stiff, or like a bug under a microscope playing Simon Says . . . ( put your left hand here, your right hand there, look up, look down . . .) Not that I don’t give a bit of direction mind you, sometimes your left hand just looks better when it’s over there. I just don’t want that to be the main thing going on.

We had a blast. I bribed Holly and Jesse to come along as assistants with the promise of lunch at the Hotel Selkirk. Jesse can always be bribed with the promise of good food. . .

We wanted to start out on the train, but it had left just as we got to the ticket window, so we had a bit of time to kill before the next one came.

I love riding on the train. We choose the cool car that Brad Pitt used when he was here several years ago, making a movie.

First stop, the Fort.

Kim hadn’t been here in a while and as a history lover, wanted to check out everything. . .

My kind of girl!

We spent time in the park,

Played in the playground,

and ended the day with a bang. Or rather, a ride on an old fashioned Ferris wheel.

People . . . The Ferris wheel seemed like such a great idea . . . how cool would those pictures be???

I didn’t think it through.

The seats on Ferris wheels swing back and forth. While you are way up in the air!

When I leaned forward to look at Morgan and Kim (and the ground faaar below) I thought I was going to throw up! I decided right then and there not to lean forward again.


I contemplated yelling at the ride operators that I needed to get off. Now.

But no. Because what about the art? What about the cool shots I had envisioned? The show must go on.

I had to discard more than a few cute shots because I was too chicken to lean far enough forward and my feet kept getting in the shot, but I did manage to get these . .

Of course, I had to be the last one off . . .

The things I do for my kids . . .

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