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Morgan’s cars

Morgan got his license last year. This is his first car. We bought it from some good friends for very cheap. It was great! Morgan was able to drive himself to drama practice and catechism and the mall! Whoo hoo! But this poor Tercel, manufactured in 1980 had reached the end of it’s natural life. No longer pampered by it’s former owner it just couldn’t go on any longer.

Enter his second car. This lovely red Jetta looked like the perfect car. . . But it too had reached the end of it’s natural life. Oh, we took heroic efforts to sustain him, checking it into the mechanics every two weeks or so for about six months. Things didn’t look good, but. . . too much money was owed to let it die a natural death. Then. . . this poor car was rear ended while parked on the street out in front of our house. There were several anxious weeks as we awaited a verdict from the insurance company. Morgan continued to drive the car although occasionally the bumper would touch the road and cause the car to swerve like mad. Scared the life out of me. The car was parked,and then. . .

Success! The car was considered a write off and he was given enough money to allow him to purchase. . .

This lovely red sporty Mazda! This car was thoroughly inspected before purchase, and although some repairs were needed, overall it has been given the green light!

Yeah! This is one happy 17 year-old.

He finishes high school this year.

Any guesses as to what career he has decided on?

Yup. He wants to be a mechanic!

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