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My Sisters Share Everything!

Did you ever wish you had something and knew it would be a looong time before you would get that thing you loved so? Did you ever want to hug and squeeze the object of your desire? Felt you heart melt? Felt quite sure that one day you just had to have one of those?. . . Well I sure do and when you see this cutie patootie you’re going to feel the same way I do!

Tamara was very generous and let me play with the Wee One all I wanted while I was out for Junior’s wedding, (here’s a sneak peak. . . For real pictures check out Tamara’s blog)

Here is the other cutie patootie I was allowed to hold and squeeze and snuggle at the rehearsal. . .

Lisa’s son and daughter in law Matt and Katherine were happy to share their seven and a half month old little boy with me and the two of us had a delightful time together! I may not have grandchildren of my own yet, but. . . not to worry. . . My sisters share everything!

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