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My Top 5 Annuals for a small cutting garden

I garden in a city on the Canadian prairies, which means space is limited.

But that's no reason to think you can't have a small cutting garden!

I love being able to go out into my garden in the early morning quiet, armed with snips and a bucket of fresh water to harvest blooms I can bring into the house.

A narrow vase by the kitchen sink, a small posy on my bedside table, or a lavish arrangement for the living room brings the outside in to your home in the most delightful way.

These are five of my favourite annual flowers:

  1. Dahlia

  2. Zinnia

  3. Sweet peas

  4. Annual Phlox

  5. Snapdragons

If these were the only flowers you grew and you added a bit of green from shrubs in your garden, or foraged from wild spaces, you could have lovely displays in your home this summer.

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