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Never Doing Things The Easy Way

Jesse’s out in the garage right now, building me a small plant stand. His plans are rather ambitious and I was thinking about how much easier it would have been for him if he had kept it simple. But he doesn’t want to make something simple, he wants to make something beautiful. It occurred to me that I may have passed on an inclination that will make his life more complicated than it could have been. I can’t seem do do things the the easy way either. If I’m going to make jam for the first time I will of course research jam making and use the jam recipes from a recipe book full of blue ribbon winners, because if I going to do it, why not make the best jam possible? Of course, when chatting with others about all the steps involved in making blue ribbon winning jam, most looked at me quizzically and said, “I just use the recipe on the Certo box. It’s easy.” When renewing my garden this spring instead of doing one bed I did the entire back yard! And then there are the plans for the community garden. . . . It was my idea to begin with. I inspired others with this vision. Then we began to find out just how much work was involved. Slightly daunted we forged ahead. Complications arose, I started driving Ev crazy with my flip flopping over whether to continue or not. We finally decided once and for all that we would not go ahead with it. Being who I am I couldn’t leave it at that and agreed to meet with the outgoing city coordinator, (who had been helping us with the process) as well as a few other people involved with revitalizing our neighbourhood so as to keep the dream from dying entirely. You Know. . . Put it on hold for a few years. . . Are any of you snickering yet? As you’ve probably guessed the garden is back on again, although moving just one step at a time. The woman in charge of revitalizing our neighbourhood was very enthusiastic, assuring me that money would be easily available and that she was more than willing to help out in any way she can. And telling me that the garden can be made in a few smaller steps rather than one large one. So. . . . I am so sorry Ev!!! I promise this is the last flip I will ever flop on this project! *Disclaimer: (Unless something totally unforeseen comes up.) Sigh. . . Check out Ev’s post on this same subject.

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