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Not All Flower Gardens Require Weeding

Jada and I are still searching out new places to take our daily walk. This morning I had to go the the grocery store and decided to hit my favorite IGA on 142 st. They have an excellent bakery and the butcher shop is wonderful as well. There is almost always a butcher available to talk to and they are happy to cut something custom for you which makes going a little out of my way to get there totally worth while. So to be efficient (something new I’m trying. . .) I took Jada with me and we kept a close eye out for a likely walking spot. We found a great one in the Mckinnon Ravine. You get at in in an odd way but it was a lovely walk that led us right to the river’s edge which thrilled Jada no end and she jumped in before I had time to stop her! (of course Henry and I had just given her a bath!) The neatest part of the walk though, was all the wild flowers we saw. You just have to love a flower garden that doesn’t need weeding!

All in all, a lovely start to my day!

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