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Offline Today.

I got up yesterday at 5 am.

That’s not unusual.

I got out at 5:30 am.

That’s not unusual.

I was on the computer by 6:30 am

That’s a little unusual . . .

I got off the computer at 11 pm. That’s very unusual . . . . But aside from a few food and bathroom breaks, that’s how long it took me to figure out how to edit my pictures for yesterday’s Moss Basket tutorial in my new Lightroom 5 program, make a watermark (still not there!) and add text to one off my pictures to (hopefully) make it more ‘pinnable’.

So today???

I’m going to have a Happy Birthday tea with my sister-in-law Leona, take Jada for a long walk, photograph everything and edit nothing and snuggle with my sweetheart.

I’ll be offline until tomorrow.

Have a fabulous day!

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