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On a Sister Adventure.

Updated: May 14, 2020

My youngest sister Sabrina came to visit me last week. It’s the first time she’s been up here for a sister visit. She came on her own and got to enjoy sleeping in and having the entire bed to herself. A real luxury when she usually shares the bed with her husband, adorable little munchkin and their two dogs!

The weather wasn’t as cooperative as I’d hoped. It stayed in the minus 20C range for most of her visit. This meant no shopping on Whyte Ave, no visit to the Ice Castle and no long rambles through the river valley with Jada. (I guess she’s just going to have to come back when it warms up! ;D)

I knew I wanted to take her on a visit to the Duchess Bake Shop. It’s the perfect adventure for the daughter’s of a baker. After the 6 month check up with my melanoma doctor (a good one!), we bundled up and headed out. We found a good parking spot and shivered our way over to the Duchess . . . who are closed on Mondays!

Whaaat??! Luckily for us, Edmonton is full of great restaurants, so I took her to another one of my favourites: The Dish Bistro. They never disappoint. Yum!

Sabrina enjoyed a hearty bowl of their daily soup and I had my current favourite, Chicken and Waffles. Fried chicken on a Cheddar and green onion buttermilk waffle with a grainy mustard maple syrup. Yummy, yummy, yummy.

The bonus for me, is that I can only eat half, which means I get to take the rest home for lunch the next day . . . Double yum!

Don’t you love if when you can share an adventure with your sister? I know I do!

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