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Organizing (day 2)

For years money was tight, we didn't have a lot of things and we joyfully accepted hand me downs of all kinds. We never threw anything away because you never knew when you might need it.

Collect stuff long enough, and a time will come when you have to start getting rid of things. I've been purging on and off over the last few years but things seem to multiply faster than I I can keep up with. Which brings me to this month's project. . .

Pare down to what I need and love, leaving room to breath. This week I'm bringing things back into my new kitchen and what a job that was! The job is done though and its feels so satisfying. Now I get to work on making it pretty.

The next room to work on is my front entry way, and slowly but surely I'll work my way through every room in the house. My goal is to finish by the end of November, leaving lots of time and space for all things Christmas.

Wish me luck!

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Your kitchen is beautiful!!

Rosa Veldkamp
Rosa Veldkamp

Thank you! I can hardly believe how beautiful everything is turning out. 😊 They started tiling the backsplash today.

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