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Paperback Pumpkins . . . A Crafty Thursday.

I love Pinterest.

I haven’t had much time or a reliable computer lately so I haven’t been able to pin much, but I still have plenty of crafty ideas already pinned and waiting to be made.

It was time to do something about it.

But what to do?

Craft mornings! Actually make some of the things I’ve pinned and visit with other crafty ladies at the same time. It was perfect!

Our first project? Paperback pumpkins.

I decided to keep things simple. I sent out a call on Facebook telling everyone about my craft morning. It was open to anyone and if the ladies wanted to stay for lunch they could each bring along a little something we could potluck for lunch.

Three lovely ladies showed up and we had a great time making our paperback pumpkins.

Audrey was extra creative, deciding that a paperback pear would be the perfect accompaniment to her pumpkin.

I can’t have company over without doing a little baking first though, so if you are coming to the next craft morning, consider yourself warned. . . I do love a good coffee cake.

Aren’t these finished pumpkins sweet?

You’ve got to love guests who help you clean before they leave . . .

My plan had been to have a craft morning every two or three weeks through the fall and winter but I’m a bit behind on that. (Ahem.)

Once the garden’s been put to bed though . . . watch out! I’m going to become a crafty maniac.

Any ideas for our next craft?

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