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Photographing Kids

Photographing kids is not something I’ve done a lot of when you consider I have four grown up kids of my own.

When my kids were young there was no digital photography, only film. Film was expensive and we were on a budget so tight it would squeak if you so much as looked at it sideways, therefore, very few photos were taken of my kids.

When I got my first digital camera my kids were getting older, the majority of them teenagers and the last thing they wanted was for me to take their pictures!

Which is why any photography I did was of the natural world. It never talked back. . .

That changed last summer.

I was able to visit my youngest sister Sabrina about six weeks after she had her first baby. I had a great DSLR that my mom had given me and it seemed like a no brainer to try out a few posed baby pics.

Meet Damian my youngest nephew . . .

That very first ‘photo shoot’ kindled a new love of portrait photography and kids are a big favorite for me. My own kids are even older now, so I have to be a little more creative when it comes to finding models to practice on.

A few weeks ago my sister Tamara and I headed out to the Wordsmithy writers workshop in Moscow, Idaho, but I had a little time both before and after to point my camera at a few borrowed grand-kids, as well as sneaking in a visit to Sabrina and Rob’s to catch up and snap a few more photos of the adorable kid who started it all . . .

Damian . . .

(I love it when I get the perfect light!)

And Tamara’s grand-kids, Celina, Kayden and Avery . . .

Aren’t kids just the cutest things??

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