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Product Photography or . . . A Bunch Of Pretty Pictures

My sister-in-law Leona dropped of some of her jewelry with me a while back and I took the opportunity to play around with my camera and a few props in the greenhouse.

I have to say I’m loving this kind of product photography. It’s so much fun to make little vignettes and start snapping away.

If anyone has something they need pictures of for an Etsy store or what have you . . . let me know. I’d love to play some more! Free of charge of course . . . I barely know what I’m doing at this point.

It’s just so much fun . . .

It also gave me the perfect excuse to buy this gorgeous African violet.

Which I promptly killed when I forgot it in the greenhouse over night and it froze to death . . . Arghhhh!!! In the end Leona preferred the style I did with her first batch of jewelry which has a slightly different feel. (Partly because the light was so different. Late afternoon winter sun rather than stronger midday spring sun.)

Which of course is one of the reasons this is so much fun . . .

Each time I do this I get the chance to try new ideas, different styles and play with a variety of props until I find something that speaks specifically to someone’s personal style.

What could be more satisfying???

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